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Romika Romotion XT 502: Extreme Comfort

Romika Romotion XT 502

The only thing worse than having flat feet is having to find shoes for flat feet. Not many shoes have built-in arch support and those that do, often aren’t adequate. But, just take a look at the insole of the men’s Romika Romotion XT 502 and you will get an idea of what kind of support you are getting.

Romika Romotion XT 502 insole

The Romotion XT 502 includes a firm footbed that provides consistent cushioning all day. The handsome shoe is also lined with a soft fabric that is breathable. What is neat about the shoe is that it features a midsole that provides optimal pressure distribution and improves blood circulation to leg muscles by activating the muscles at the sole. Impacts on joints and your spine are reduced thanks to cushioning from the thick insole.

Romika Romotion XT 502 Mud/Schlamm bottom view

The direct-injected polyurethane outsole is formulated to provide grip and resist wear. It’s slightly rounded all around to encourage heel-to-toe walking as well as lateral movement so your ankle muscles get a work out.

Romika Romotion XT 502 top

The Romotion falls under Romika’s “K width” which means the shoe gets a rounded toe box and a wider body for all-day comfort. The laces allow you to adjust the wide opening of the shoe – you can tighten the shoe for a narrower, lower-profile fit at the beginning of the day, then to a looser, more relaxed fit at the end of the day. No matter how to wear it, the rugged, technical shoes is suitable from relaxed work environments to trekking outdoors, no change of footwear required.

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3 thoughts on “Romika Romotion XT 502: Extreme Comfort

  1. You need to bring these back into production. Just loved my pair and want another.

  2. where can I by romotion xt 502 size 41

    1. Hello Erik,

      Unfortunately the Romotion series is discontinued and they are no longer available for sale. You can see the currently available Romika shoes here:

      Old Shoe Dawg

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